Conference Report: "Browsing Your Toolbox": Conference Report on the First Summer School Methods in Socio-Scientific Discourse Research

Gilles Renout


This report presents an overview of the "Methods in Socio-Scientific Discourse Research" summer school and offers a consideration of specific questions raised during the summer school. First I will discuss the setting of the meeting. This will be followed by a presentation and discussion of five workshops (linguistic discourse analysis, analysis of narrations in discourses, hegemonic theoretical discourse analysis, sociology of knowledge-based discourse analysis, and the use of MAXQDA in discourse research). I will then offer additional comments about other events at the conference, with special attention given to the evening lecture by Jürgen LINK, in which he presented a retrospective view on his work as a discourse researcher and in which he explained central terms like "collective symbols" and the "discourse on normalization." The report ends with an evaluation of the summer school and discusses possible future developments. Doing this I will encourage potential organizers of upcoming events to continue to expand this kind of methodological exchange, especially in the area of discourse research.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0902207


summer school; socio-scientific discourse research; discourse analysis; qualitative methods


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