Review: Arnd-Michael Nohl (2009). Interview und dokumentarische Methode. Anleitungen für die Forschungspraxis [Interview and Documentary Methods: Guidelines for Practical Research]

Johannes Twardella


In his book "Interview and Documentary Methods: Guidelines for Practical Research," educationalist Arndt-Michael NOHL explains how documentary methods for the interpretation of interviews can be brought to fruition. His main thought is that the research process should be carried out in stages, from the "formulating interpretation" to "reflective interpretation" then on to the stage of "type classification." This seems to be a sensible procedure with regards to the question of how research can be organized. However, the main problem of interpretation of "comments" or "sequences" still appears to be unresolved by NOHL. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs100271


interview; documentary methods; interpretation


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