Review: Petia Genkova (Ed.) (2008). Erfolg durch Schlüsselqualifikationen? Heimliche Lehrpläne und Basiskompetenzen im Zeichen der Globalisierung [Success Through Key Qualifications? Hidden Curricula and Basic Competencies in the Wake of Globalization]

Alexander Schnarr


Which qualifications should executives have? How can schools and universities contribute in the development of these qualifications? Can qualifications be measured and can they be learned? This conference transcript under the editorship of Petia GENKOVA is devoted to these and other questions. In five different sections with four articles each, the underlying questions are discussed from different viewpoints and different scientific disciplines. Following the structure of the conference transcript, I will take a look at each article individually, framing the discussion of the articles and sections with introductory remarks regarding the overall topic and with a closer look at the terms "competence", "qualification" and "key qualification." The review ends with a summary and an overall evaluation of the conference transcript. All in all, it can be stated that the interdisciplinary approach of the conference transcript is a great strength of the book. At the same time, the integration of various scientific disciplines makes it difficult to read the book under an overall theme. However, for those who would like to get a multi-disciplinary introduction to the questions underlying the conference transcript, it is a valuable starting point.


key qualifications; competence; qualification; hidden curricula; diversity; work history; socialization; learning and teaching concepts; education; organizational development


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