Review: Julia Reuter (2011). Geschlecht und Körper: Studien zur Materialität und Inszenierung gesellschaftlicher Wirklichkeit [Gender and Body: Studies on Materiality and Enactment of Social Reality]

Larissa Schindler


Julia REUTER's latest book, "Geschlecht und Körper" [Gender and Body], contains ten studies on these two central concepts in sociology, as well as lending consideration to visuality and otherness. The author focuses on theories of performance, discourse and practice, which are used both as analytical tools and, reflexively, as objects of analysis. The book offers rich descriptions of the two central concepts, but does not fundamentally deal with how they interrelate. It offers a vivid account of current themes and discussions.



gender; body; visuality; social practices; materiality; performance; discourse; otherness


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