Review: Ruth Ayaß & Christian Meyer (Eds.) (2012). Sozialität in Slow Motion. Theoretische und empirische Perspektiven [Sociality in Slow Motion. Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives]

Dirk vom Lehn


Ruth AYAß and Christian MEYER have edited an engaging collection of articles to honor Jörg BERGMANN, who has recently retired from his chair at the University of Bielefeld. In 700 pages, the edited collection provides an overview over recent developments in ethnomethodology and conversation analysis. The chapters of the book are made up of German translations and original articles produced by major international figures renowned for their research in ethnomethodology and conversation analysis. They include analyses of a large variety of settings, including schools and playgrounds, psychotherapy sessions, SMS dialogues, doctor-patient conversations, courts of law, and others. The book demonstrates the importance and relevance of ethnomethodology and conversation analysis for sociology and cognate disciplines. I recommend it to students and teachers in the social sciences who are interested in learning about recent analytic and empirical developments in ethnomethodology and conversation analysis.



ethnomethodology; conversation analysis; sociology; interaction; talk-in-interaction; Garfinkel; Sacks; Bergmann


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