Re-Signification of Life Experience in Older Adults Affected by Three Kinds of Natural Disasters in Chile

Christian Arriagada Díaz, María Olga Vallejos Lamig, Margarita Quezada Venegas, Lesmer Montecino Soto, Marisa Torres Hidalgo


In the present article we develop an analysis of the effects of crisis situations on older adults. We do this with the understanding that these types of events promote a re-signification of life experiences in this population. For the purposes of this study “re-signification” refers to a process of reassessing the ways of living as a response to a crisis. Through a content analysis and the constant comparative method, we analyzed the narratives of older adults affected by three kinds of disasters: environmental pollution, earthquake, and volcanic eruption. The results invite us to survey the re-signification process produced following these types of crisis situations.



experience; natural disaster; elderly people; vulnerability; semi-structured interview; content analysis; constant comparative method


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