The Meaning of Researchers' Subjectivity

Jo Reichertz


In the article, I explore researchers' subjectivity and it's marginalization in the social sciences, especially in sociology. Based on a review of the research in which researchers' subjectivity plays a role, I will briefly give an overview of their different theming in individual social science disciplines, and then discuss, from the perspective of the sociology of knowledge, the question of why in particular sociology makes researchers' subjectivity a taboo subject. At this point I will introduce three hypotheses that help to understand this behavior. Therefore, it is not about the question of whether researchers' subjectivity plays a role in research (which is generally agreed), but the question is why a particular discipline remains intensely silent. Thus, the subject is to communicate about researchers' subjectivity, not the researchers' subjectivity itself.



subjectivity; qualitative social research; research cultures; sociology of knowledge


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