Review Essay: The Construction of Networks as Technologies of the Social Self

Willy Viehöver


From a constructivist micro perspective, Tanja PAULITZ takes an innovative view of processes of technological development in the field of Internet construction. The author underlines how technological networking and subjectivity are two entities that need further examination. Further, the interrelation between technological networking and subjectivation (FOUCAULT) is seen as mutually productive rather than instrumental. PAULITZ's book first raises the question of how subjectivity is socially constructed through the internet. Second, PAULITZ asks how concepts of subjectivity shape the process of Internet construction. Third, by connecting the technologies of networking with FOUCAULT's concept of technologies of the self, the book opens a new perspective on the productive effects power has in the process of socio-technological networking.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0702252


networks; sociology of technology; discourse; technological networking; subjectivity; technologies of the self


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