Conference Report: Das Bild als soziologisches Problem. Herausforderungen einer Theorie visueller Sozialkommunikation [The Image as a Sociological Problem. Challenges of a Theory of Visual Social Communication]

Charlotte Bruns, Matthias Sommer


This conference report summarizes different perspectives on the image as a sociological problem. During the conference, which was held in November 2015 at the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities [Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut] in Essen, Germany, 15 speakers and 30 guests discussed different approaches with the aim to achieve a better understanding of the meaning and impact of visual media on sociation. The contributions not only provided an empirical foundation for a theory of visual social communication, but they also posed questions to be investigated in future research and discussed in following conferences.



visual sociology; qualitative methods; the image as a sociological problem


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