Review: Bettina Völter, Bettina Dausien, Helma Lutz & Gabriele Rosenthal (Eds.) (2005). Biographieforschung im Diskurs [Biographical Research in Discourse]

Andrea D. Bührmann


The editors of this anthology—Bettina VÖLTER, Bettina DAUSIEN, Helma LUTZ and Gabriele ROSENTHAL, all of whom are all well known researchers on biographies—are interested in the state of the art of biographical research. The anthology focuses on the dialectic relationship between the individual and society, and the essays it contains (which are not limited to contributions by German researchers) inform us about the close relationship between different theoretical and methodical approaches to biography. The authors relate their experiences of mixing different theories and methods, the problems they have encountered, and the means by which they have solved them. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0703228


biographical research; qualitative research; interdisciplinary; social construction; individual and society


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