Reply to "Why Collectivity? On the Problematization of Documentary Perspectives on Teaching" by Daniel Goldmann (FQS, Volume 20, No. 3, Art. 26 – September 2019)

Barbara Asbrand, Matthias Martens


In this contribution we reply to the dramatized and inaccurate rendition and classification of our work by Daniel GOLDMANN. Our empirical results and our methodological development in the field of classroom-interaction-research with the documentary method was criticized based on a highly selective reading of our work and other related publications. In the following, we answer GOLDMANN’s critique concerning an inherent focus on collectivity in documentary research, on our supposedly selective conceptual understanding of complementary frames in teacher-student-interaction, and on our understanding of the complexity of classroom interaction in terms of polycontexturality.


documentary method; classroom-interaction research; polycontexturality; complementary relations; collectivity


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