Review: Mechthild Kiegelmann & Leo Gürtler (Eds.) (2003). Research Questions and Matching Methods of Analysis

Marilyn Lichtman


The third in a series reporting on a conference in Qualitative Psychology held for the first time outside of Germany, this volume is basically the proceedings of the workshop. Its theme—matching questions with methods of analysis—only generally brings the individual pieces together. A large portion of the papers revolve around the idea that different researchers can approach a piece of fiction (a portion of Don Quixote) to do various kinds of qualitative analyses. While the approaches are somewhat interesting, I am not convinced that using a work of fiction in this way helps us understand issues relating to analysis of qualitative research. The individual articles take quite different approaches to making meaning from Cervantes and you may get some insights from comparisons. The rest of the articles are far-ranging in terms of content and application. I found some very interesting, although I did not gain many new ideas. The vast majority of the papers are well-edited and can be followed in English.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0503166


qualitative psychology; methods of analysis; scholarly communities

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