Review: Jo Reichertz (2003). Die Abduktion in der qualitativen Sozialforschung [Abduction in Qualitative Social Research]

Heiko Grunenberg


Jo REICHERTZ' study, "Abduction in Qualitative Social Research," delivers a detailed insight into the phenomenon of "abduction," by which he exceeds the introductory nature of this on-going series of publications. Focusing of Charles Sanders PEIRCE's perception of abduction, REICHERTZ extensively reevaluates the concept, conclusively deriving concrete implications for its practical application in qualitative social research. The author criticizes and dashes hopes and myths connected with the abductive procedure and, because of this, readers will find his study both instructive and disillusioning. The book is highly recommended for all those who are interested in well-founded empirical research because it offers points of interest for newcomers as well as experts in the field of empirical methods. The book rightly restricts the possibilities for abductive procedures. "Abduction in Qualitative Social Research" is an excellent example of how austere methodology can arouse interest in a cheerful manner.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0502170


abduction; induction; deduction; methodology; research exercise; syllogism; pragmatism; generation of hypothesis; logic of discovery


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