Review Essay: Beyond Things: A Cultural Theory of Flexible Practice

Till Westermayer


In Experts of Everyday Life [Experten des Alltags], HÖRNING binds together older works of his own in the field of sociology of technology with considerations about a theory of practical knowledge. This review essay presents this theory with the help of its important key concepts, e.g. social practice, practical knowledge and cultural repertoires of knowledge, styles of action, and the usage of technical things. The review shows how HÖRNING draws the line between his theory and comparable theories from other directions in the fields of the sociology of technology, of culture and of practice. The reviewer reflects on the reading of HÖRNING's book as a call for the use of qualitative methods in the sociology of technology as well as in sociology proper. Finally, the review asks about the relevance of HÖRNING's book for sociology in general.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0401101


sociology; everyday life; action; praxis; knowledge; culture; technology; time; qualitative research; qualitative methods


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