Review: Norbert Dittmar (2002). Transkription. Ein Leitfaden mit Aufgaben für Studenten, Forscher und Laien [Transcription—A Guide for Students, Researchers and Laymen]

Katja Koch


The title "Transcription—A Guide for Students, Researchers and Laymen" is a program as well as a title. In this broad workbook, DITTMAR offers information and directions regarding the art of transforming spoken words into durable writing. He discusses linguistic developments as well as phonological features and systematically introduces current systems of transcription—through which he inspires his readers to do some practical transcription work. This book (in spite of some spelling mistakes) provides good and helpful reading, particularly for students.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0301217


transcription; systems of transcription; methodology; areas of qualitative research; communication science


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