Review: Matthias Grundmann & Raphael Beer (Eds.) (2004). Subjekttheorien interdisziplinär. Diskussionsbeiträge aus Sozialwissenschaften, Philosophie und Neurowissenschaften [Cross-disciplinary Theories of the Subject. Discussions in Social Science, Philosophy and Neuroscience]

Andrea D. Bührmann


The collection of essays, "Cross-disciplinary Theories of Subject," published by Matthias GRUNDMANN and Raphael BEER, proposes to give a critical overview of the controversial debate about subjectivity. In a very interesting way, this anthology informs the reader about differences in the problematization of subjectivity in disciplines such as the social sciences, neurosciences and philosophy. Furthermore, GRUNDMANN and BEER demonstrate the relevance and the importance of this problematization. Besides the question of building up a synthesis of the heterogeneous perspectives which already exist, each essay in the anthology is also questioned in regard to the consequences of the state of its research, especially in so-called self-referencing activities (selbstreferentielle Aktivitäten) of neural networks. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs060120


theories of the subject; cross-disciplinary; social sciences; neurosciences; philosophy; systems theory


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