Review: Remi Hess & Christoph Wulf (1999) (Eds.). Grenzgänge. Über den Umgang mit dem Eigenen und dem Fremden [Walking the Border. On the Treatment of Self and Others]

Alfons H. Teipen


This collection of essays deals mainly with experiences and outcomes of more than two decades of research undertaken in conjunction with the Deutsches Französisches Jugendwerk (DFJW, German-French Youth Council). In many of the essays, Ewald BRASS, long-time director of different departments of the DFJW, is honored. The book contains valuable insights and suggestions about intercultural work, yet deviates significantly from the topic suggested in the title.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0103272


intercultural studies; intercultural relations; Germany; France; DFJW; education


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