Conference Report: Seventh Annual Meeting of the Center for Qualitative Psychology: Qualitative Research in the Changing Academic Context

Taylor Adams, Annette Ullrich


This conference report gives an overview of the 7th conference of the Center for Qualitative Psychology that took place in Riga, Latvia from October 20-22, 2006. The main theme discussed during the conference was the role of qualitative research (specifically in psychology and pedagogy) in the currently changing academic context due to the restructuring of European Higher Education Institutions in the Bologna process. The Bologna reform is discussed in depth and qualitative research is presented as being both disruptive and promising in the academic context. Ideas are raised for how qualitative research can find its place in this changing system, including creating joint inter-university programs, increasing the accessibility of qualitative data and methods, and using qualitative methods to best prepare students for professional employment. Other themes presented in the workgroups focused on the use of qualitative methods in teaching and learning processes and in multicultural and intercultural contexts.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs080369


qualitative research; qualitative psychology; education; pedagogy; Bologna process; workshop; conference; methods; psychology; networking

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