Dr. Shalva Weil

Dr. Shalva Weil Mail
Hebrew University, Israel

Shalva Weil received her D. Phil and M.A. degrees in Anthropology from Sussex University, England, and her B.A. from the L.S.E. She is senior researcher at the Research Institute for Innovation in Education at the Hebrew University, where she conducts research into qualitative methods, violence in schools, ethnicity, and Indian Jewry. She is one of Israel's foremost scholars on Ethiopian Jews and directs applied educational programs to enhance their social mobility.

Dr. Weil has published over 80 articles in scientific journals and volumes, and has contributed entries to major encyclopedias. She is the editor of India's Jewish Heritage (Marg, 2002 and 2004), Roots and Routes: Ethnicity and Migration in Global Perspective (Magnes Press, 1999), and Ethiopian Jews in the Limelight (Jerusalem, 1997).

Dr. Weil has been the recipient of several awards for her work among Ethiopian Jews. In October 2004, she was elected the President of SOSTEJE (Society for the Study of Ethiopian Jewry) at the University of Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.

In 2005, Shalva Weil was elected President of the European Sociological Association's Qualitative Methods Research Network. She organized the network's mid-term at Cardiff, and together with her Board, is responsible for the RN's conference in Glasgow in September 2007.

Main research fields:
Ethnicity and migration
Qualitative methodology
Violence in schools
Ethiopian Jews
Indian Jews

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