Peer Review

Contributions, submitted for publication within the rubrics FQS Conferences, FQS Debates, FQS Interviews, and FQS Reviews, are reviewed directly by the respective rubric editors.

For single contributions it is first checked whether the authors worked on all items of the Submission Preparation Checklist. If so, the files are sent to two independent reviewers (double-blind peer review). Reviewers belong to the FQS Editorial Board or we consult external reviewers.

Usually, the peer review process takes about 3-4 months. Principally four different responses are possible: 1. accepted for publishing, 2. revisions required, 3. resubmit for review, and 4. rejected. The authors are informed of the decision and its reasons. If revisions are recommended, the revised version will be reevaluated by at least one of the reviewers.

There are no submission or article processing charges.