Review: Jörg Strübing (2004). Grounded Theory. Zur sozialtheoretischen und epistemologischen Fundierung des Verfahrens der empirisch begründeten Theoriebildung [Grounded Theory: Its Social-theoretical and Epistemological Foundation]

Heiner Legewie


This textbook, published by STRÜBING, offers an easily readable introduction to the epistemological background of grounded theory according to STRAUSS (subsequently STRAUSS & CORBIN) as shaped by the philosophy of American pragmatism. Most important, according to STRÜBING, are the pragmatist conceptions of reality and theory and the interaction between abduction, induction and deduction in incremental iterative theory development. In separate chapters, STRÜBING discusses the epistemological background of GLASER’s version of grounded theory and the basis of quality control in grounded theory studies
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs060210


grounded theory, philosophy of science, pragmatism, GLASER (criticism of) STRAUSS & CORBIN, quality criteria


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