Video Analysis: Lessons from Professional Video Editing Practice

Eric Laurier, Ignaz Strebel, Barry Brown


In this paper we join a growing body of studies that learn from vernacular video analysts quite what video analysis as an intelligible course of action might be. Rather than pursuing epistemic questions regarding video as a number of other studies of video analysis have done, our concern here is with the crafts of producing the filmic. As such we examine how audio and video clips are indexed and brought to hand during the logging process, how a first assembly of the film is built at the editing bench and how logics of shot sequencing relate to wider concerns of plotting, genre and so on. In its conclusion we make a number of suggestions about the future directions of studying video and film editors at work.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0803378


film editing; conversation analysis; video analysis; Walter Murch; Cold Mountain

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