Review: Bernt Schnettler & Hubert Knoblauch (Eds.) (2007). Powerpoint-Präsentationen. Neue Formen der gesellschaftlichen Kommunikation von Wissen [Powerpoint Presentations: New Forms of Social Communication of Knowledge]

Thomas Hestermann


The book "Powerpoint-Präsentationen. Neue Formen der gesellschaftlichen Kommunikation von Wissen" (Powerpoint Presentations: New Forms of Social Communication of Knowledge), edited by SCHNETTLER und KNOBLAUCH, is devoted to a previously underresearched subject: the features and effects of presentations supported by software, and in particular by Microsoft's "PowerPoint,"
The authors explain that, from sociological and linguistic viewpoints, presentations have a greater impact on content than the bare texts and pictures on the slides. The slides shown during a presentation gain in meaning when supported by a presenter who not only speaks but uses body language and various presentation techniques. Difficulties in communication can arise when organizations replace traditional reports with powerpoint slides.
The book is considered in the context of current research and opinions on powerpoint. A critical look is taken at the claim that powerpoint per se is responsible for disasters such as the crash of the Columbia space shuttle. The decisive factor seems to be more a question of how competent users are in using presentation software and the associated communication techniques.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0902135


powerpoint; presentation; presentation technique; sociology of knowledge; theory of learning; media research; communication research


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