Review: Gregory C. Stanczak (Ed.) (2007). Visual Research Methods

Boris Traue


In this edited volume, research methods employing the camera as a means of documentation in the context of ethnographic research are presented and discussed. To a lesser extent, the volume deals with research strategies for dealing with images produced by social actors, such as propaganda photography and video diaries. Special attention is given to the way the camera facilitates the process of communication in ethnographic research. This collection may be very helpful for readers looking for a discussion of methodological problems and practical advice for the use of cameras, especially in the context of ethnographic research. Theoretical issues of visuality and visual performance in contemporary societies are mentioned, but not treated in depth.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs090265


ethnography; photography; video analysis; action research; qualitative methods; epistemology; visual sociology; video interaction analysis


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