Interactive Research Processes on Sense of Identify in Andalusia by Means of Grounded Theory

Jaime Andréu Abela, Ana María Pérez Corbacho


In this paper we present a model of interactive research using grounded theory. From our point of view, grounded theory is best understood as a framework that evolves in the course of a research project. In such a model there is no rigid or linear research trajectory; as researchers we chose options continually that best addressed the emerging hypotheses over the course of the investigation. It is possible to collect numerous kinds of data to generate grounded theory. For instance, as the research process unfolds we work out descriptions of the phenomena we are investigating, test hypotheses generated by deduction, construct tables, produce images for theory generation. This framework provides the theoretical background and analytical tools for a research study in several stages. We are a qualitative research group investigating "Processes and Sense of Identity in Andalusia." The key methodological tool in this investigation is the construction of analytical theories by working research groups. These groups interact in an open, flexible, sharing, mutual and egalitarian research environment, which led to the fluent exchange of ideas and the development of a significant understanding of identity.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0902187


building of grounded theory; interactive research processes; sense of identity; Andalusia


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