Refugees' Social Trajectories and Trajectories of the Self

Marko Valenta


The focus of this article is on refugee's social integration in the receiving country. It examines how refugee ethno-social preferences and practices fluctuate and develop. The primary goal is to explore how post-resettlement social trajectories are linked to changes in identities. It is argued here that ethno-social practices and identities of refugees need to be seen in the light of their migration biographies, everyday experiences, and anticipated futures. The findings in the article have important methodological implications in terms of the methodological potential offered by biographical narratives as a tool in gathering qualitative data. In demonstrating the advantages and weaknesses of biographical narratives, the article is of relevance not only to researchers, but also to social workers and other service providers who work in the field of social integration and who can use this approach to map out the social life of each refugee. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs100256


identity; refugees; ethno-social practice; biography; integration

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