Review: Georg Glasze & Annika Mattissek (Eds.) (2009). Handbuch Diskurs und Raum [Handbook on Discourse and Space]

Katharina Manderscheid


This edited book by Georg GLASZE and Annika MATTISSEK constitutes an introduction to the debate on space and discourse in human geography. The book comprises three parts. The first and lengthiest one consists of theoretical contributions and concepts of discourse studies in human geography. The articles in the second part conceptualise space from a discourse-theoretical perspective, and the third part of the book presents a selection of methods for discourse analysis in empirical geography. The book is a very useful introduction for researchers and students as well as an intermediary overview over the emerging field of social scientific research into spatialities inspired by poststructuralist approaches.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs1002172


discourse studies; Foucault; Laclau; Mouffe; human geography; social science research methods; space; spatial turn


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