Review: Dominik Schrage & Markus R. Friederici (Eds.) (2008). Zwischen Methodenpluralismus und Datenhandel [Between Methodological Pluralism and Data Trading: A Contribution to the Sociology of Commercial Consumer Research]

Renate Buber


The focus of the papers in the edited volume "Between Methodological Pluralism and Data Trading" is on the role of commercial consumption research from a sociological point of view. After an introduction about the importance of commercial consumption research, crucial questions of methodological pluralism and data trading are discussed. Alongside the identification of validity as a marker of prestige in commercial consumption research, the transfer between academic and commercial research is outlined with practical examples and a comprehensive empirical study. The importance of the Internet in consumption research is discussed with reference to personalized mass consumption and the transparency of markets.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs1002209


market research; research methodology; qualitative methods; commercial consumption research; Internet


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