Review: Uwe Flick (2004). Triangulation. Eine Einführung [Triangulation. An Introduction]

Dagmar Hoffmann


In this book, Uwe FLICK provides an insight into, rather than a survey of, the historical and theoretical background, methodical potential and problems of triangulation. Of particular interest in his condensed treatise are the references to the founder of triangulation, Norman DENZIN, as well as the many exemplary illustrations of research in practice. On the whole, the author, who has for many years been a "champion" of qualitative mixed-method approaches, emphasizes the diverse possibilities of triangulation, rather than its limitations. The book is hardly a manual of instructions for the research novice and, therefore, cannot be recommended to students. For them, it lacks a connecting theme structure and comprehensible language. It should be rather seen as an attempt to bring a little light into the jungle of the imprecise way triangulation has been understood.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0603266


methods and theory combinations; validation; epistemology; integrative social research


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