Review: Ulrike Freikamp, Matthias Leanza, Janne Mende, Stefan Müller, Peter Ullrich & Heinz-Jürgen Voß (Eds.) (2008). Kritik mit Methode? Forschungsmethoden und Gesellschaftskritik [Criticism as an Approach? Research Methods and Social Criticism]

Vanessa-Isabelle Reinwand


The anthology "Criticism as an Approach? Research Methods and Social Criticism", edited by an interdisciplinary research team consisting of U. FREIKAMP, M. LEANZA, J. MENDE, S. MÜLLER, P. ULLRICH and H.-J. VOß, deals with a commonly disregarded topic: the relationship between research methods in the social and human sciences and social criticism. The sixteen articles are combined into four sections: 1) criticism relating to social structures, 2) critical consideration of subjects and their social position, 3) criticism on methods and science in relation to exemplary disciplines, and 4) dialectic as a critical method. Due to its comprehensive topic and wide appeal, this volume can generally be recommended for researchers in every scientific field. Certain articles, however, will prove more useful for specific discourses than for supporting general discussions on the critical capability of research methods and critiques of science.


critique of methods; critical science; social human sciences; discourse analysis; objective hermeneutics; critical psychology; ethnographical psychoanalysis; dialectic


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