Perspective, Method, and Data Triangulation in the Evaluation of a Local Educational Landscape

Kristina Ackel-Eisnach, Caroline Müller


Communal engagement and co-operation in the field of education has become increasing important in the last few years. The goal is to expand the local educational landscapes by improving the quality of the educational programs. Therefore responsibilities, networks and new-designed educational programs have to be enhanced. To control the efficiency of these arrangements and the budget, a lot of councils delegate experts to evaluate these new implementations.

The following article describes the evaluation for the council Ulm. The program of the local educational landscape is known as "Bildungsoffensive Ulm." The evaluation presents methods such as triangulation of perspectives, mixed-method design and data triangulation. Following the local situation is presented and the methods applied in the evaluation are justified methodologically.



perspective triangulation; mixed-method design; data triangulation; case study; archival data analysis; expert interviews; network analysis; questionnaire study; local educational landscape


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