Review: Anne Waldschmidt, Anne Klein & Miguel Tamayo Korte (2009). Das Wissen der Leute. Bioethik, Alltag und Macht im Internet [The Knowledge of the People. Bioethics, Life and Power of the Internet]

Torsten Junge


Everyday knowledge in the "knowledge society" is becoming increasingly relevant and commonplace. Due to the importance of biomedical research to the average individual, forms of participation in discussions are sought on the subject of bioethical issues. The portal provides a tool for allowing laypeople to contribute to the discourse on biomedical issues beyond scientific expert panels and influence biomedical research and application. In their extensive study, the authors analyze everyday, routine online communications. These ordinary interchanges emerge as a special form of knowledge, following the specific structure patterns found within fields of power and knowledge. The study's objective is to distinguish between everyday and scientific knowledge, as well as explore the creative potential of everyday knowledge. Particularly successful in parts, this analysis lays out the discursive strategies used in online communication.



bioethics; discourse analysis; participation; everyday knowledge; Foucault; web communication


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