Research on Classroom Teaching Using Video: The Perfect Solution?

Regula Fankhauser


In the last few years videography has been used for research on classroom teaching. The methodological discussion accompanying the development of this technique centres on the question of the invasiveness and influence of filming on instructors and students. Depending on methodological orientation, this problem is met in different ways. Quantitative methods attempt to control the invasiveness. Qualitative methods, such as ethnography, use possible camera effects, such as performance whilst being filmed, or the position of the camera as a starting point of new (aesthetical) procedures.

In this article I outline an alternative approach. Drawing upon the work of LATOUR, and reflecting on an example of research practice, fundamental problems of research on classroom teaching are elaborated. The problems noted above become particularly apparent with the use of videography. It will be argued that the benefits of using videography should be addressed in research methods courses and in the practice of research on teaching.



teaching research; videography; visual methods; methodology


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