Expressiveness of the Image: Scopic Regime, Spatiality and Sensitivities

Ileana Desirée Ibáñez, Cecilia Michelazzo


In this article we share reflections on a photography workshop carried out with a group of young people living in a poor  neighborhood. A workshop was chosen as research methodology due to the need to explore alternative ways of expression (different from word-based comunication), that would provide an  approach to the sensitive dimensions of individuals' experiences.

We proposed a photography workshop because the materiality of images is a way to approach the "scopic regime"; that is the ways in which contemporary capitalism configures the visual sense:that is, understanding the senses as objects of daily, temporary, and incomplete regulation.

First, we will address some theoretical considerations on the specificity of the technique and its product, the photograph, as object in relation to the possibilities of expression. Second, we will outline our way of interpretation in the light of the contributions made by Adrian SCRIBANO, Roland BARTHES and John BERGER. Finally, we will discuss the results through a reading of the spatialities, mobilities, and sensitivities raised in the images.



expressiveness; workshop; photography; sensitivity; space; mobility; scopic regime


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