Review: Heinz Jürgen Kaiser & Hans Werbik (2012). Handlungspsychologie. Eine Einführung [The Psychology of Actions. An Introduction]

Marcus Knaup


Since the mid-20th century, psychologists and philosophers have increasingly debated the validity and future prospects of the assumption that human behavior can be understood without reference to our desires, intentions, and imaginations. This raises the question of what basically constitutes human actions and what differentiates them from the behavior of bodies, stimuli, and events.

In the work under review, this question is discussed and situated in the context of the psychology of actions. This highly readable and well-structured book is divided into two parts. The first part deals with the theoretical foundations of the psychology of actions, and the second focuses on relevant professional psychological experience. Here, the main question is the relevance of the psychology of actions for practicing in the field of psychology. Each chapter of the book concludes with a summary and a set of comprehension questions.



psychology of actions; theory of action; actions


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