Review: Iris Dzudzek, Caren Kunze & Joscha Wullweber (Eds.) (2012). Diskurs und Hegemonie. Gesellschaftskritische Perspektiven [Discourse and Hegemony. Critical Perspectives on Society]

Katharina Manderscheid


This volume, edited by Iris DZUDZEK, Caren KUNZE and Joscha WULLWEBER and published as part of the transcript series Sozialtheorie [Social Theory], can be read as an attempt to combine materialistic critical social theory with poststructuralist thinking. Most contributions refer to GRAMSCI's concept of hegemony and LACLAU and MOUFFE's theory of discourse. However, aside from elaborating on continuities and options for synthesis between both perspectives, which is of indisputable value, the papers in this collection do not completely hit the mark promised in the editors' foreword in terms of social critique and political involvement, as well as of methodological questions of empirical research.



discourse theory; Ernesto Laclau; Chantal Mouffe; theory of hegemony; Antonio Gramsci; Marxist theory; critique


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