Review: Thorsten Fuchs (2011). Bildung und Biographie. Eine Reformulierung der bildungstheoretisch orientierten Biographieforschung [Education (Bildung) and Biography. A Reformulation of the Theoretical Approach to Biographical Research in Education]

Manuel Peters


In his doctoral thesis, Thorsten FUCHS critically discusses existing concepts aiming to relate educational theory [Bildungstheorie] and empirical research in education [Bildungsforschung]. He thus focuses on concepts evolved in the German research context in recent years that explicitly aim at relating educational theory and biographical research. By analyzing them in depth and critically examining their findings, he identifies lacunae as regards the underlying concepts of biography and education (in the meaning of Bildung) and as regards the research method that follows Fritz SCHÜTZE's understanding of biographies as structured processes. Against this background, Thorsten FUCHS seeks to further develop this line of enquiry (relating educational theory and empirical research in education) by referring explicitly to theories of education and biography and by introducing an alternative methodology in reference to Theodor SCHULZE, which he sees as better suited to this purpose.



theory of education; empirical research in education; concepts of relating educational theory and biographical research; agency and relationship with self, others, and the world


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