Review: Jo Reichertz (2013). Die Abduktion in der qualitativen Sozialforschung. Über die Entdeckung des Neuen [Abduction in Qualitative Social Research. On the Discovery of the New]

Georg F. Simet


In this textbook, Jo REICHERTZ provides a competent insight into the concept of abduction. Proceeding from PEIRCE, especially his late works, the author analyzes all the key facets and relationships of this concept, paying particular attention to the delimitation of abduction against deduction and induction as the other, rigorous logical types of reasoning. The value of the second edition lies in its discussion of the aspects of naturalization and socialization in abduction, which is approached as intelligently as the rest of the book.



abduction; induction; deduction; methodology; nomothetic; research logic; logic of discovery; transcendental; pragmatism; community of interpretation


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