Review: Gerald Beck (2013). Sichtbare Soziologie. Visualisierung und soziologische Wissenschaftskommunikation in der Zweiten Moderne [Visible Sociology. Visualization and Socio-Scientific Communication in the Second Modernity]

Axel Philipps


Visualizations of knowledge are little used within the field of sociology. In his book "Visible Sociology," Gerald BECK seeks to understand the relationship between sociology and visualizations, to identify related problem areas, and to increase the awareness for the work with visualizations. To do so, he examines nine cases of appropriate and less appropriate visualizations in the context of the Second Modernity. However, his approach fails to consider important aspects of the relation between sociology and pictures. As a consequence, BECK's recommendations (increase the number of visualizations and visual competence) are of little use in overcoming the skepticism in sociology regarding visualizations.



science studies; sociology of science; sociology; visualization; visual analysis


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