Considering Performativity as Methodology and Phenomena

Susan C. Sommerfeldt, Vera Caine, Anita Molzahn


Performativity is both a methodology and in its complexity, phenomena. Understanding the concept, the evolution of the term and how performativity can open spaces for inquiry adds to knowledge about interprofessional healthcare teams. Distinguishing between performance and performativity is essential. In this article, we examine methodological aspects of performativity through the use of forum theater. Dialogue from a performance-based inquiry workshop with healthcare team members provides a way to discuss performative methodology. The workshop was built upon recurrent characteristics of interprofessionalism in healthcare teams seen in conversational interviews with healthcare practitioner participants. Performativity provides a way to explore the relational work in interprofessional team practices. The methodological messiness of performative inquiry is discussed.



performativity; performative methodology; interprofessional; forum theater; healthcare; performance, health sciences; nursing; team

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