Review: Susanne Martin (2013). Denken im Widerspruch. Theorie und Praxis nonkonformistischer Intellektueller [Thinking in Contradictions. The Theory and Practice of Nonconformist Intellectuals]

Georg F. Simet


This publication is the revised version of the author's doctoral thesis. The theory and practice of nonconformist intellectuals is laid out persuasively through focus on three selected intellectuals who played a decisive role in the first three or four decades of the Republic of Germany: Theodor W. ADORNO, Jean AMÉRY, and Günther ANDERS. Their nonconformist approach is then contrasted with the works of Paul F. LAZARSFELD und Helmut SCHELSKY who are introduced as conformists. Although the selected analyses are well chosen, they cannot represent the whole range of nonconformist thinkers. In addition, the comparison made between non-conformism and conformism is too schematic, and the description of and reflection on intellectuals in today's knowledge societies are only partly convincing. Nevertheless, the approach employed here shows some value and should be further developed, applied, and differentiated by analyzing more cases and integrating further contexts.



Adorno; Améry; Anders;; nonconformism; critical theory; (organic, media) intellectual; freedom; NSA


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