An Epistemic Window Into (Inter) Subjectivity: The Potential of the Ethnographic Method

Laura Beatriz Montes de Oca Barrera


In this article, I illustrate the methodological potential of using the ethnographic method in exploring subjectivity and intersubjectivity. I discuss the ontological and epistemological foundations of a qualitative procedure based in ethnographic situations (interaction with informants and shared construction of data) that have spread beyond disciplinary boundaries. I emphasize   two characteristics of the method: the flexibility in the context of investigation, and the establishment of an inter-subjective ethnographic situation that allows the construction of data, which, capturing the emic perspective enriches, the interpretation of the researcher, etic perspective. Finally, considering this ethnographic situation it is proposed as a reflective tool that allows researchers to control their own subjectivity in order to reach the subjectivity of others.



ethnography; method; subjectivity; intersubjectivity; flexibility; reflection


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