Review Essay: The Political Image in the Focus of the Socio-Cultural and Scientific Methodological Discourse

Marc Dietrich


This article focuses on a double review of two anthologies worth reading. The contributions in question analyze an image of the White House's Situation Room from different disciplinary, methodical and theoretical perspectives of image analysis. The image shows the White House's leadership watching the live broadcast of what appears to be BIN LADEN's killing. Both anthologies are the result of a conference and both publications concentrate on the analysis of one high-impact political photograph. They also understand themselves as contributions to the current discourse on image analysis. The books include positions from the journalistic and the art historical field but prioritize approaches from the social and cultural sciences. This review not only critically examines these relevant anthologies but also situates them in the wider context of socio-cultural and scientific image analysis.



image; image analysis; photography; Situation Room; hermeneutics of images; journalistic analysis; contextual knowledge


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