Practices of Memory and the Construction of Research Testimonies. A Methodological Reflection about Self-Interviewing, Testimonies, and Social Workers' Accounts of Their Research

Gabriela Rubilar Donoso


I discuss the methodological process of reconstructing and analyzing the research testimonies of 43 Chilean social workers. They work in universities located in the capital and four cities in the south of Chile. The focus is to analyze the process of self-interviewing and biographical interviewing as the base of the construction of the research testimonies. This analysis paid special attention to the process of constructing dialogues and narratives between the participants in the study and the researcher. The article revises the scope of the narrative-biographical framework, specifically in both the development of practices of research memory, and the reflexive practices within the participants' discipline. I conclude by noting the potential and limitations of the method-process of constructing narratives as 1. a research method in general, 2. in developing generational studies, and 3. in studies about the research process, which in this case try to follow researchers by their research.



biographical interviews; self-interviewing; testimonies; narrative; memory; reflective social work


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