Review Essay: A Journey through Grounded Theory

Paula Krüger, Imke K. Meyer


In "Constructing Grounded Theory", Kathy CHARMAZ guides the reader through the research process. Starting with a look back at the history of grounded theory, she explains how to gather rich data, code it, write memos, and compose the first draft. Through various examples from her own research CHARMAZ provides the reader not only with a theoretical description of how to construct a grounded theory but also with a way of seeing how new questions emerge from the data and new theory is built from it. She highlights central concepts, definitions, and useful questions, and offers the reader flexible guidelines to design and conduct a research project. Because of this, the book will be very useful for novices as well as for experts and (PhD-) students in the late stages of their theses; it is a must-have for everyone who works with/on (constructivist) grounded theory.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0701256


grounded theory methodology; qualitative analysis; interview; coding; constructivism; theory


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