Praktikanz as a Target Dimension in Applied Research

Hans Pongratz, Thomas Birken


Applied research is confronted with a twofold challenge: the necessity  to develop innovative procedures, applications, and products, and the need to implement these in practice. In this context, research on the acceptance of technology and participation-oriented approaches primarily concentrate on the user's acceptance of the usability of the system and on the openness of the organizational framework towards innovations. In reference to a project, in which we developed digital learning and digital knowledge systems, we suggest a complementary target dimension, the Praktikanz ["making something practicable"] of such systems. This entails taking into account the compatibility of innovations and established routines and practices in the respective field of application. Doing that, we plead for a stronger focus on the practicability of innovations in applied sciences and for considering that as the arena where the feasibility of innovative procedures, applications, and products needs to be proven.



applied research; technology acceptance model; participation-oriented research; company innovation; learning and knowledge system; implementation; theory of practice; performance failure; Praktikanz


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