Collective Review: The Theoretical and Methodical Polymorphism of Discourse Studies—Discourse-Orientated Studies' Challenging Research Practice

Hannah Sophie Rosenberg


Discourse studies is an interdisciplinary field which has become increasingly important in recent years and has been developed as an established research perspective at the intersection of language and society, of knowledge and power. This research perspective's theoretical and methodical polymorphism, however, leads time and again to uncertainties and problems, particularly in the conception and implementation of studies of this type. Three works which respond—in different ways—to the requirement for systematization and orientation occurring as a result of this field's polymorphism are presented below. It should be noted that the presented works are not to be misunderstood as method books or guidance to the "correct" implementation of discourse-orientated studies, but should rather be read as a motivation to and a comprehension of questions, problems, and directions of discourse studies, even across national and disciplinary borders.



discourse studies; discourse theory; discourse analysis


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