Review: Eva Barlösius (2014). Dicksein. Wenn der Körper das Verhältnis zur Gesellschaft bestimmt [Being Fat. When the Body Rules the Social]

Oliver Berli


The study "Dicksein" [Beeing fat] by Eva BARLÖSIUS (2014) investigates the manifold relations between body and society. To accomplish this she analyzes the experiences and knowledge of "fat" adolescents and their parents as well as health promotion experts. The study is empirically based on group discussions and an expert workshop. BARLÖSIUS discusses her data in the light of theories on social inequality, legitimation, and moral communication. One of her key results is that adolescents primarily interpret their present and future social positions in regard to their body. The author uses her findings to argue that in contemporary societies, the body has become an important element of social inequality.



body; social inequality; social order; group discussion; world café


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