Computer Analysis of Qualitative Data in Literature and Research Performed by Polish Sociologists

Jakub Niedbalski, Izabela Ślęzak


The application of computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS) in the field of qualitative sociology is becoming more popular. However, in Polish scientific research, the use of computer software to aid qualitative data analysis is uncommon. Nevertheless, the Polish qualitative research community is turning to CAQDAS software increasingly often. One noticeable result of working with CAQDAS is an increase in methodological awareness, which is reflected in higher accuracy and precision in qualitative data analysis. Our purpose in this article is to describe the qualitative researchers' environment in Poland and to consider the use of computer-assisted qualitative data analysis. In our deliberations, we focus mainly on the social sciences, especially sociology.



computer-assisted qualitative data analysis; CAQDAS; qualitative research; Polish sociology

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