Review: Andrea Ploder (2014). Qualitative Forschung als strenge Wissenschaft? [Qualitative Research as Rigorous Science?]

Uwe Dörk


The study "Qualitative Forschung als strenge Wissenschaft?" [Qualitative Research as Rigorous Science?] critically examines the reception history of Edmund HUSSERL in the German methodological literature of qualitative social research. The book argues that HUSSERL's phenomenology penetrated qualitative research literature predominantly through the work of Alfred SCHÜTZ, although HUSSERL's original work was directly received too. Using a set of defined, a priori criteria, Andrea PLODER carefully plots whether or not HUSSERL's ideas were absorbed. With this study, Andrea PLODER addresses a relevant problem, because understanding (Verstehen) is paradigmatic in qualitative research.



Edmund Husserl; reception; reception history; critical reception; qualitative methods; qualitative methodology; qualitative social research; phenomenology


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